Sushi Catering in Boston



If you’re hosting a party or meeting in Boston, sushi catering can be a great choice. A sushi catering service will deliver fresh sushi right to your location, and you can choose from a variety of dishes. Choose from eight different sushi rolls, two maki rolls, or two vegetarian rolls, and get a wide range of flavors.

Sushi is also a great choice for office lunches. Not only is sushi healthy and tasty, but it gives your attendees a special occasion feeling. Business lunches are a great opportunity to order sushi, and if you’re planning to serve it, make sure to determine how much sushi you’d like for each person.

The “ocean roll” features a spicy scallop, sushi catering in boston, avocado, salmon, and crunchy bits. If you’d like to add a touch of eel sauce or mayo, you can get a roll that has it. If you’d like to get fancy, you can also order a large number of rolls and make them into a full-fledged meal.

Mixit offers Japanese and Asian diaspora dishes, including sushi catering in Boston. Their noodle bowls include rice-based vermicelli and traditional ramen. They also offer broths that feature red coconut curry and chicken wontons. Traditional rolls and sushi maki are also available. If you’d like to learn more about sushi, you can always ask an experienced sushi chef for guidance.

Boston sushi catering services emphasize the quality of ingredients. The chefs are dedicated to providing delicious, healthy sushi. In addition, they also specialize in American-Japanese fusion dishes. Whether you’re planning a party or a corporate event, you can rest assured that your guests will love the food and enjoy the company of a sushi catering Boston company.

If you’re looking for sushi catering in Boston, check out Fish Market in Allston. This Allston staple is helmed by two chefs with a rich history in the neighborhood. Their sushi menu is complemented with a variety of hot dishes. Another neighborhood favorite is Oppa, which opened mid-2014 and offers a large selection of Korean and Japanese food.

When choosing a sushi catering service, be sure to consider the number of people you’re serving. Sushi is made to be shared. This is why many packages feature sushi ‘boats’ – one roll per person. The same goes for the starters. This way, you’ll be sure to please your guests without sacrificing your budget.