Sattaking – A Unique and Beautiful Part

The Sattaking region is a unique and beautiful part of the Central Highlands. It includes Sattaking, a deep valley with narrow winding roads, cascading down the hillsides and the steeps mountains that are at the base of the valley. It has an ever-changing landscape.

A small village has been built here in the past few years to attract people into this beautiful area. Here are a brief description of the Sattaking region as well as some of the advantages of living in this unique part of the Central Highlands.

Snow: Sattaking is probably the best known region for the snow it receives. There is a good reason for this. The snow here can be up to 3000 feet. However, in the winter season you can enjoy a nice walk in the snow, especially on Sundays.

Water: The countryside here is probably one of the driest in all of Southland, it is so long dry that people have found a way to catch water by the rivers themselves. The river Otago provides water for the farm and the communities located along the river. It is a very popular destination for families and those on holiday. It is also just the perfect place to set up camp.

Opportunities: The Sattaking region is a breeding ground for many opportunities. Since it is the natural refuge for red foxes, the possums have had no choice but to live in this region and it is home to many rare species. There are many wildlife and bird watching opportunities here.

Friendly People: Sattaking is also home to many friendly people. It has a large town center and the people are friendly, warm and genuinely interested in what the visitors have to say. It has a friendly reputation and is one of the most popular destinations for families. Get out of the white people’ zone: Sattaking is not just about land or market. It is not just about a green space or a scenic landscape. This has always been a small fishing village.

It is interesting that while we are free to live our lives in a similar fashion that we are, we live in a world that is dominated by white people and European. In spite of these limitations, we continue to flourish and prosper in spite of it all. It is reassuring to know that there are places where we can go to enjoy life without the interference of others.